Originally published by Team Blockchain in the 10th of March 2021 copy of Digital Bytes

Although Bitcoin was created in 2009, it seems that over a decade later an understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain still eludes many. I confess, my first true understanding of crypto and blockchain, along with the insider lingo that pervades them, was when my younger brother and I built a bitcoin mining rig on a lark while he was still in university.

Since then the blockchain and crypto market has exploded. We became involved in the runup to the first bitcoin price-spike, and then subsequently ditched…

There is a lot of enthusiasm in the travel market at the moment — and perhaps, rightly so.

Many operators have reported a record surge of booking enquiries following Boris Johnson’s national address on Monday the 22nd of February, in which he outlined the “reopening plan” for the UK economy.

Interestingly events as well have garnered optimism that they might be able to go ahead this summer/fall. On the BBC this morning the Pride Parade, Birmingham announced they were planning to go ahead in September.

In the stock market, here in the UK and also in the US, travel stocks…

A look at some of the highlights from a recent Mckinsey Report on private and public equities. There are three charts below that show market valuation changes by industry, debt + disruption by industry, and finally factors of covid disruption by industry.

The first chart below I think highlights what many have been speaking of to date: the K shaped recovery.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of a K shaped recover I will explain it for you. Named K due to one leg going up, the other going down — the COVID divide.

I wrote previously about…

I recently watched “Social Dilemma” on Netflix. Although I think they hit upon a key issue, “disinformation-for-profit”, I take several issues with the other points, and how they were presented.

My first grievance is that they didn’t really hit at the heart of the issue that has led to this “misalignment” in society.

Why is alignment important? Jack Welch explained this much better and more thoroughly than I could in his book, the real-life MBA.

So what is the root cause of this societal-misalignment?

We have substituted “fact” for “opinion”.

Think Kellyanne Conway’s, “Alternative Facts” statement. This is what has led to things like anti-vaxers, flat…

Covid has presented a time of change for most. It combines many traits of the great economic depression in America, with the financial crisis of ‘08-’09.

When most of society is only paying for basic necessities of life due to lack of access from lockdown, this is almost identical to behaviour in an economic depression. Deleveraging then converges with suppressed consumer spending which unwinds debt. As Ray Dalio often describes it, this is a “painful process”. This point is potentially in front of us heading into the year’s end.

As more companies turn into question marks with regards to being…

Discussions and proposals centred about future growth and ideas are some of the parts that I enjoy about my work with startups and early-stage investors the most.

Entrepreneurship generally starts with “problem discovery” — discussions centre around building a solution for a problem that is important, expensive, and relevant. When looking at which companies to work with and invest in, I usually ask myself, “Do I want to live in a world, where this exists and at a larger scale?”.

That’s obviously not the only question I ask, but for me, it is a broad question that really gets at the heart of the process.

I’m sure many of you can easily think of how the world could be better, especially this year; however one notion that…

We are going to experience disruption from the virus for the next 3–4 years. What can you expect from the new economy?

Now that I have your attention, let’s recap the situation. The following data is drawn from Worldometers:

  • Almost all countries reporting at least a small number of infections with at least a few deaths (except for a handful with no recorded deaths yet)
  • 23,141,010 cases of Covid-19 globally. I think this number is dramatically undercounted — probably even 5X bigger.
  • This all started in Dec/Jan (although it feels much longer than that) and it’s only August now (which feels like it came too soon).
  • Many countries went into an initial lockdown to curb the peaks, some reopened too quickly and…

Barbados Work From Home Incentive

You may have seen this headline. What did you think of it?

Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Work from the beach on your laptop for a year, ride out the pandemic in style and make all your friends, family, coworkers and everyone else green with envy.

So, let’s take a look.

Anyone can see why Barbados is offering this option — their Economy, like many it depends on tourism. At least 10% of the population is employed in this sector (according to Wikipedia). Unlike many other countries, Barbados doesn’t have other industries they can pivot to.

So why not import some…

One of the reasons I was drawn to the travel industry was that, for me, it seemed it was a natural area for entrepreneurs. Not long ago there were no university programs for tourism and many of the companies that made comprised the industry entered it of their own accord. New entrants are still common, but this might not be the case in the short-term.

Tourism was one of the first industries to embrace tech infrastructure when you look at Sabre/GDS, and then Expedia with Online Travel Bookings.

I would call these companies part of 1st wave travel-tech. We are…

“Are you going away this summer?” — many, many people.

Have you also been having this conversation?

Yesterday I sent out a few mail merges, at least half replied with OOO emails. I’d say amongst my friends at least half are travelling this week or were last week. For being in the middle of a pandemic, there sure is a lot of travelling going on.

However, when you look at the news, such as this phocuswire article stating booking.com revenues have plunged 90% you can’t help thinking people aren’t travelling. …

Anthony Lyall

Startups, Travel-Tech, Investor-Relations, Angel-Investing are my core passions. Main projects are NOTWICS, Instaroom, and Lyall Ventures.

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